King Alguin Ragelle

King Alguin of Vendaar, LG Human King


King Alguin Ragelle (al-gwin ray-gell) is a human in his early 30s. He is known for being a kind and caring king, giving particular attention to the common folk. He often leaves to castle to be near the people.

King Alguin views Taerra with much regard and as one of his best and most trustworthy knights.


King Alguin fears that the thin border between the material and elemental plane bellow the Stone Keep is becoming unstable and that the future of the Kingdom is at stake. In order to not arise panic and avert the coming disaster, he decides to secretly send out Taerra to find an ancient relic that is rumored to be able to control such rifts. It is of utmost importance that she find that relic and repair the growing tear between planes.

King Alguin Ragelle

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