Gerard Faust

Just a guy with a crossbow.


Gerard Faust was born in a village on the outskirts of a modest city. Growing up, Gerard showed interest in painting, but his parents discouraged him. When he came of age, Gerard joined the city watch, displaying natural talent with a crossbow. Gerard was posted atop the city walls, and stayed there for many quiet years. Boredom was the only foe Gerard battled with, and he walked away victorious every day with the aid of target practice, and a sketchpad.
These peaceful years came to an end when a goblinoid army attacked the city, lead by the infamous hobgoblin general, Ghor. Wielding his magic vampiric blade, Blackrazor, Ghor effortlessly carved a swathe through the battlefield. From atop the wall, roughly 200 yards away, Gerard sent a bolt straight through Ghor’s visor, killing him instantly. This was the first life Gerard Faust took, and it would be the only life he would take for years to come, as the goblinoid army retreated shortly after.
“200-yard Gerard” quickly became a local legend. Many doubted the story, mocking him with the name, while others wholeheartedly believed him to be some fate-touched hero. Gerard believed that it was just a lucky shot, and tried his best to return to his quiet life, but the attention proved to be too much for him. Gerard packed his bags and fled the town, hoping to escape from the legend of “200-yard Gerard.”

After the party’s defeat at the hands of Dadoz, Gerard was teleported near a small mountain village not far from Vendaar. Deciding to use his second chance at life to the fullest, Gerard took the name “Buck,” and pursued his life’s true work; art. While his paintings didn’t sell well in such a rural area, “Buck” was able to live off of the gold from his previous adventure. During this time, “Buck” was taken under the wing of an older gentleman named Martin. Martin taught “Buck” to read Common, and a bit of woodworking. Best of all, due to the remoteness of this village, nobody had heard the story of “200-yard Gerard.” However, much to “Buck’s” chagrin, these peaceful days didn’t last.
An orc foraging party attacked the village. “Buck,” Martin, and a few dozen others were the only survivors. The orcs turned the village into a forward camp, and the remaining survivors (many of which, including Martin, were retired soldiers) banded together to form a small militia. With nothing more to lose, they decided to take back their home or die trying. After two grueling months of guerrilla warfare, only “Buck,” Martin, and a handful of others remained, but they stood victorious. Venerated among them was “Lucky Buck,” who earned that nickname due to sheer number of impossible shots he was able to make with his crossbow. Seeing his fame grow once more, “Lucky Buck” decided to leave the village. Early in the morning of his departure, however, “Lucky Buck” finds a letter addressed to a man named Gerard.

Gerard Faust

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