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Eryn was born as most Tabaxi are, on his Clan's territory in their native land that the Tabaxi only call The True World. He was named for a healing herb that grew near the lake that his clan owes it's name to. Eryngo on the water, The Healing Lakes Clan. His parents, as most of the Tabaxi of his clan, were healers and new much about herbal remedies. As he grew up he was taught to be a healer as well, because the Tabaxi, known to be a curious sort, always got themselves hurt one way or another. But Eryn had bigger dreams.

It is told by Tabaxi that there was a creator of all cats and this Cat Lord still wanders the world and watches over all of his children. They also say that each Tabaxi is granted a feline trait from The Cat Lord so that they may feel more connected to their nature. Eryn felt he must have received an insatiable curiosity. For when he heard wondrous stories from other Tabaxi that had left and returned from faraway lands, he felt he had to go see the world too. 

Eryn left his Clan and homeland as soon as he was old enough to leave home. He sailed east to the mainland and as soon as he docked he was overwhelmed by what met him. The lush jungles and large deserts of his homeland were replaced with large cities and pavement and within the first few minutes of landing he had seen more people than he felt he had met in his entire life. He felt now that he may have been taught wrong on where The True World was growing up. These people are different, they seem so busy in their own schedules and lives to see how interesting everything is around them. That person's clothes, these roads, these signs, the engraving on this door, and whatever could possibly be on the other side. 

Was it the guiding of The Cat Lord or just pure luck that he happened to wander into the town library? Eryn had read in his homeland, but had never seen this much information just stored for anybody looking for information. He began to read and read all the books that he could there, the legends of adventurers, the lore of gods and monsters ensnared him. But nothing caught his attention quite like the treasure that the adventurers found, or the magical items they used on their journey. He needed to know more about these artifacts and soon after arriving in this town he left to find more information on the subject that interested him the most.

Eryn traveled from town to town for years. Looking for interesting people with interesting objects that he could learn more about. Each town he went through he would visit the library in to read a few books about the history of the land and the people, or artifacts in it. Occasionally in his travels he would come across people with interesting items on them and he would ask them the history of the items they carried. Often it lead to disappointment for Eryn, for a lot of people didn't know how where they got the clothes that they were wearing, let alone how many people owned the staff they carried before them, or who crafted it. One old man he came across in his travels had something that really caught Eryn's eye, a fairly large sack that made an audible clattering sound with every step the frail man took. 

Eryn approached the man in order to learn the secrets of the bag, and on asking the man he showed much interest in why Eryn was so curious. The old man's name was Sebastian Eduwix, and he was a well trained artificer. Sebastian saw potential in Eryn's unending drive for knowledge and it reminded him of the reasons that he studied magical artifacts over the years. Eryn was taken under Sebastian's wing and began to learn how to identify magical items, how to learn an objects history by inspecting it, and eventually started to learn alchemy. Eryn had a gift for crafting potions thanks to his Clan's teachings on medicinal herbs growing up. After months of training Sebastian helped Eryn create his first magical artifact, an Alchemist's Satchel, a magical bag that held reagents for crafting potions. Eryn had learned so much from Sebastian, but soon felt a desire to leave and see more of the world, there was so much out there, and what he had learned only made it more enticing to find more magical items. His teacher understood, Sebastian's own youth was not very different from the young Tabaxi in front of him.

So Eryn once more stepped out into the world with dreams to learn everything he can about anything he came across. Now he's traveling from town to town, spending time in every library and tavern he can, to see what he can learn from the world and the objects around him. 

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Hello guys, so heres a brief intro on how I would like to use the Obsidian portal. I would like this to be  a place where everyone can post notes on the campaign as well as log any ideas or criticisms they have going forward. I will try to post a summary of each game here each time we play and if we work together and take notes we can create a pretty good compendium of our adventures and even have a nice wiki to use and refer back to as the story progresses. If we all make use of the site it can be a great tool. So everyone feel free to add your character and back story to the page and if you'd like you can even do posts on your characters perspective of the game as we play. Should be fun!


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