Taerra Ghardia

Taerra Ghardia, Elite Arcane Knight of the Royal Guard, LG Earth Genasi Stone Sorcerer


Taerra Ghardia (tAy-ruh gar-dEE-uh) has an appearance of being a knight with noble origins, at first glance, cold and calculating, with an air of poise and confidence.

Being an earth genasi, she has muddy gray skin with a stone texture and muddy colored hair, but with shining purple eyes.

She is fairly tall with an athletic build, though she weighs more than she looks.


Taerra, as the daughter of the General of the Guard and a royal magician, was raised from birth to be an arcane knight. She grew up as a noble member in the royal house alongside the royal family, and considers King Alguin as something of an older brother. As such, her loyalty to the King and Vendaar goes beyond duty and is extremely personal.

King Alguin views her with much regard and as one of his best and most trustworthy knights, so he decides to secretly send out Taerra to find an ancient relic that is rumored to have the power to repair the rift between the material and elemental plane that exists bellow the Stone Keep. It is of utmost importance that she find that relic and repair the growing tear between planes.

She believes in the good of humanity and leaders, especially the Vendaarians. She is highly respectful to everyone, but is particularly protective of the common people and the weak, hating to see the defenseless being harmed or abused. She sees it as her personal responsibility to protect them, even at the cost of harm to herself. Her greatest fear is not being able to save them.

Taerra Ghardia

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